Perihelion Science Fiction

Sam Bellotto Jr.

Eric M. Jones
Consulting Editor


Saturday Night in Saskatchewan
by Steve Stanton

Praise the System
by J. Richard Jacobs

Network Outage Engineer
by Erin Lale

Unintentional Colonists by Elizabeth Guizzetti

Mr. Weston’s Key
by Todd A. Burnett

Central Battle Command, Allied Forces: Day Four by Marilyn K. Martin

We Do Not Serve Weeping Men
by Eric Del Carlo


Zeros ... All Those Zeros! by Eric M. Jones

Facing Facts—And Analyzing Them
by John McCormick





Comic Strips




A COLLECTION of science fiction related-offerings that cannot be presented in any regular department or feature of the magazine. They are likely to appear only once or very infrequently. We didn't know exactly what to do with them, but they were too good to pass up. Here, then, are a few addenda for your enjoyment.


Hugo Awards Crossword

Print this page to solve the crossword the low-tech way. Click on the puzzle image to solve it interactively. In the puzzle popup window, click within any square and begin typing. Left mouse button is Across. Right mouse button is Down. Or click on any Across or Down clue. Click Help button for complete instructions. The solution is here.

Larry Niven's Ringworld, drawn by Eric M. Jones

The correct-scale wireframe was made in DesignCad 3D. This was then exported to PaintShop Pro-9 where the details of daylight and dark areas were filled in, along with shadow-square shading. This was then layered on top of a retouched Hubble shot of the Sombrero Galaxy (but I actually removed the galaxy). The dark shadows were added by darkening selected masked areas. I might have simply added the light areas instead, but chose that approach for now. Then some PSP illumination effects were added—which was entirely responsible for the central star, light rays and “lens flare.”

The DesignCad 3D wireframe is perfectly capable of obtaining any view from any perspective and any direction at all. This makes for some astonishing views ... of which this one might be the least amazing. I took some time to detail the land in the lighted areas ... clouds, rivers, lakes, etc., but this was certainly overdoing it for this longer view. This is a lot dustier universe than any other Ringworld drawing I've seen, but I like the effect. I might add the double-shadow from the ring itself later (i.e. the shadow-square shadow and the ring-shadow combo).

Click on the image above to see it full-size.