Perihelion Science Fiction

Sam Bellotto Jr.

Eric M. Jones
Contributing Editor


Carillion’s Schemes
by Michael Hodges

by Edward H. Parks

It Don’t Mean a Thing
by A. Miller

Morning Glories
by Jude-Marie Green

Take a Good Look
by Holly Schofield

Fifty Kilograms
by Jim Stewart

Jupiter Hero
by Rob Pearce

Breaking Eggs
by Justin Woolley

To Hunt a Sky Eel
by Daniel Ausema

Gone Fishin’
by Thomas Canfield

Archangels of Heaven
by Leslie Lupien


Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
by Eric M. Jones

A Turn to the Dark Side
by John McCormick




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Comic Strips



“Neptune Road” is an experiment in collaborative cartooning. New episodes drawn by different artists will be presented on this page from time to time. Each episode is self-contained, within a larger story arc. “Neptune Road” will return early next year.

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Casey Brillon started drawing funny pictures when he was in the first grade, and in 2009 he took his doodling to a new level when he started making lowbrow comic strips under the title of Crusty Comics. Now his works include comic strips, story illustrations, alternative mini comic books, and zines. Casey lives in Oceanside, CA., with his wife and two kids. More of his work can be found online at Crusty Comics.

Favorite drink: Lately I’ve been enjoying a pint of Guinness with a shot of Jameson on the side. Especially when the weather starts changing in the fall. My drinks change with the seasons.

Favorite movie: “Dredd.” The new one with Carl Urban. They really kicked it up a notch with that one. In my opinion, it was one of the best comic book movies of the decade, and I don’t think people gave it its due credit last year. Seriously,
that movie melted my face off when I saw it in 3D.

Pet peeve: Pyramid schemes. You can always tell when someone is about to pitch one. That, and strangers who refuse to hold conversations with me at the urinal.

Advice to NASA: Find a way to get people to believe in the program again. Just be open with all the alien and UFO stuff, too. that might help get people interested in exploring and learning about what’s out there. Probably building a Death Star type space station wouldn’t hurt either.