Perihelion Science Fiction

Sam Bellotto Jr.

Eric M. Jones
Associate Editor


Mickey A. Goes to the Moon
by Ronald D. Ferguson

To Make it to Hilion
by Dori Peleg

Deep Down Here
by Kathryn Michael McMahon

by Eric Del Carlo

Run Program
by D.K. Latta
and Jeffrey Blair Latta

Between Two Worlds
by Bill Suboski

Radiance in a Dark Lens
by Derrick Boden

Those Golden Years
by Chet Gottfried

Shorter Stories

Earthly Hosts
by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Fried Chicken You Can’t Refuse
by Peter Wood

by Richard Wren


2075: A Day in the Life
by Curt Tigges

Forensics Under Fire
by John McCormick



Comic Strips




Comic Strips


HERE ARE A HANDFUL OF GREAT images we've accrued over the years that never made it to the cover, or as spot illustrations of content. Seemed a shame to keep them on the shelf any longer. In no particular order, we present them for you to enjoy. Each image is accompanied by some technical data.

“Peak Flower” by Mei-Yi Chun


Finding a rare flower while keeping watch. Mei-Yi Chun created the image in Photoshop. After linework, flat colors were placed in layers. The linework was removed, edges were refined, and gradients of color were applied.

“Mission Commander” by Peter Saga


Depiction of a 1960’s era Apollo astronaut seconds before taking off from Earth to journey around the Moon and back. Peter Saga created this illustration in pen and ink. The finished art was then imported into Photoshop for added color.

“Hide and Seek” by Jung Sang

hide and seek

Future soldier locked in hand-to-hand combat with an alien of equal skills on an inhospitable planet. It is a tense situation. Who will shoot first? Artist Jung Sang used colored pencils to create this image in its entirety.

“Don’t Say a Word” by Jesse Jennings


Experimental insecticide worked well in the lab, but outdoors the concentrated
UV rays of the tropical sun made the stuff mutogenic, resulting in nine-foot-tall
monsters. Jesse Jennings produced this tense image in pen-and-ink.

“Trapped” by Winston Blakely


Newly graduated space ranger in her first solo battle. Weapon is ready, but she’s never faced anything like this before. Winston Blakely worked in pen and ink, then scanned the image into Photoshop for coloring.

“Into the Unknown” by Srdjan Aksic


Alien is shifting from one parallel dimension to another. It’s only a matter of time before these creatures stumble into our own. Srdjan Aksic began on paper and then transferred the image into Photoshop. Motion blur effect was added.

“Xenobiologist” by Liviu Matei


Once life was discovered on other planets, the need to study alien life forms was necessary. So each mission had at least one xenobiologist on board. Liviu Matei created this image with watercolor and ink on paper. the end